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22 March 2009


Think I should explain a little bit - My Mum and Dad divorced in 1986, he later married the 'other woman'. Everyone got on fine years later - don't really know how my Mum did it to be honest. Dad's wife died last July (aged 59), some days he's alright some days he's not, he won't go and see the doctor about it. Today is a day he's not coping so he sends his family texts telling them that nobody cares about him, to leave him alone, he'll manage. He's sent messages before and we all try to help but he won't really let us. Today I got angry, rang straight back - he ignored it so I left a very upset message telling him that I'm angry, that I love him, that he's not the only one suffering. He sent a text back saying typical dad, he shouldn't have sent that text today of all days.

Sorry to offload here but I need to do something as it's going round and round in my head, I'm so angry and hurt. This week is the 2nd most hardest week of the year with regards my Mum's death, I've finally been to the doctors this week to sort out my anxiety/depression so I don't need it anymore from him. Doesn't he realise? Actually, no, he's never realised where I'm concerned. Never was that precious to him.

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Claire said...

Hugs and kisses to you hon - have emailed you xxx