'If we did the things we are capable of doing, we would literally astound ourselves.' Thomas Edison

20 March 2009


I've managed to make 3 cards today. The first is a birthday card for my nephew who will be 12 next week. He's into skull's so hopefully he'll like this (it's done with my watercolour pencils again). The second is a card for my Nan for Sunday. We always go and see her on Mother's Day because she is missing a card from my Mum, so I like to make sure she gets some flowers and a card. Lastly, is the Mother's Day card for Hubby's Mum. This was a rubber stamp picture which I have sat and coloured using my Mum's inks. Just got another birthday card and an anniversary card to do now for this month.
I have actually posted my season table swap makes today, but because I drafted them at the end of february I think that's where the post is - must go and look. EDIT - just found it if your interested.

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