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15 December 2009

The excitement is building

I can feel it bubbling away inside - the excitement - and it feels good. This will be the first year since my Mum died (4 years on the 21st) that I have had this feeling back. We also have Aaron's birthday on Sunday...12 years old!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! As hubby is still recovering from his back op we shall be having a surprise birthday tea at home with family ssshhhh.
Today I have made 2 more Christmas puddings - one for the in-laws and one extra as we have my sister and her kids coming for Christmas dinner now. I have also started on the cloth bags that I will be using instead of wrapping paper (first picture). I worked out I need 18 - I cut and pinned 11, and have managed to get 7 stitched (2 complete and 5 needing handles). Woohooo. Feel like I'm getting somewhere now. I've also started a hat for my Nan using the Twilleys wool, Heather, I think is the colour. Need to get this finished so I can post her pressies before the weekend.
Right, back to the crafting. Hope everyone else's is going well xxx


Becks said...

Lovely choice of wool for Nana's hat. I just recently knitted a scarf in the same wool and shade ;-)
So lovely to hear you feeling positive.

Dawn said...

Lovely to hear you looking forward to the festive season and your son's birthday too!
Love that wool (note to self - I don't need any more wool! ;-))

sue said...

glad your excitement for the season has returned :-) hope you and your family have a wonderful time! i love the idea to use cloth instead of paper! and lucky Nan.. that wool is gorgeous xx

arwen_tiw said...

What beautiful wool! And so glad you are feeling truly enthusiastic again. :)