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01 December 2009

Getting excited again

I think the anxiety caused with waiting for 'the phone call' regarding my Grandad has now disappeared meaning I'm getting excited about Christmas and crafting again. We still have the funeral on Thursday but I think that the waiting period is always harder somehow. Anyway, I knitted this hat on Sunday evening using the Twilleys blue and some other Twilleys brown that I had left from last years hat. This wool knits up very quickly at it is knitted using 10mm needles - just the sort I like ;-). No pattern involved - just measured my head then used the gauge on the label for the amount of stitches I needed. When I'd got the length as I wanted it I started to decrease, but kept it going so I ended with the pointy bit. The tassle-ly bit is made with the strands left from sewing up, with a couple of extra ones threaded through the end of the hat, and then plaited together (and knotted at the end). Easy peasy.

I want to make some more bits from the shop now that I've finished the 2 bag orders (I added the yellow liner but then forgot to photograph it before it went), so last night I sat and made two flower brooches. I'm spending this afternoon (hopefully) making a simple curtain for my Dad, then updating the website and shop. They have been rather neglected of late, so fingers crossed.


Joxy said...

Love the hat Shell :-)

Oh btw that painting - be finished after the weekend (Rye's going to his dad on Friday for the night so give me a chance to really get on with it :-) ) So post it out next week to ya :-)

Hope you like it

Pippa said...

I love the hat, especially the plaited end!

sue said...

love the hat, tis cool.. you make it sound easy peasy, but hmmn i'm thinking fingers n thumbs here :o)

Jacqui said...

Hi shell. I've been away so missed the news about your Grandad. Sorry to hear this and glad he went on peacfully. Lots of hugs xx