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04 December 2009

Should really be doing the housework

I think the title just about sums up how I feel at the minute! It was Grandad's funeral yesterday, and although it went as well as these things can go, I don't think it hit me until today. Can't really explain how I feel, other than I've spent the afternoon crafting and watching a Christmas film just because I couldn't be bothered to do anything else! Above is the card I made for my Mum's partner who has just moved from 'their' house to a new house. A step forward hopefully.
These are the start of the felt paper chain that I was inspired to make because of the lovely Sarah over at paper-and-string. Can't decide whether to do them in Christmas colours and save them just for Christmas or whether to do them multi-coloured so we can have them up for birthdays as well.
Now this is a giant re-purposed tin that had a cake in it!! Can't decide whether to put it in the shop or use it here. Too many decisions to make.
Anyway, at the minute I have marrow and apple chutney on the stove, and some more strips to make for the chains.

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