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17 December 2009

Need sleep

After I'd finished on here last night I was still wide awake so I thought I'd get the last lot of bags cut and pinned ready for sewing today. Then, I was awake at 5.50am with my head whirring, so I've had another busy day today. The above bag is for my nephew's pressie.

Three of these (drawstring).

For my niece (who likes cows) - drawstring.

For my nephew (this matches the playmat and toy bag I made him earlier in the year).

Four of these.

Tomorrow I have to pick up our new kitten from my brother's so I had to get the cloak finished and the stockings made too (think I must have neglected the family today!!). The stockings are quilted and lined, with tags and bells added.

Now I really do need to go to bed, but my head is still whirring :-)


sue said...

i get sleepless nights like that.. usually around new moon time too !! those stockings are cool! heehee so are kittens.. especially around christmas trees :0) have fun xx

arwen_tiw said...

Crazy lady! I hope you have got a little bit of sleep in compensation for all that crafting!

Pippa said...

Crikey you've been busy!! Lovely crafty makes though, now go and give yourself an early night and a lay-in!

Grump! said...

Love your blog, you sound like a fantastic lady, have a good Christmas and keep being you! x