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12 December 2009


Hubby had his back op on Thursday for a prolapsed disc, he is home now, so I feel like I can finally look forward to Christmas. The brief moments of excitement in the previous few weeks have been short-lived because of the various things that have happened, but now hopefully we can expect some normality (well normal for our house anyway). The first picture is the card and pressie for my nephew. Hard to believe he's a year old!! The other picture is the Twilleys Freedom wool I ordered for the hats I'm making for my Hubby and my Dad - ok, I don't need that much wool to make two hats but it looked so gorgeous I couldn't decide on a colour!! I really do need to finish the cards and get them posted then start on the stockings for my nieces. Hope everyone else is having fun.

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sue said...

glad to hear your hubby is home and on the mend. love the card and that wool is gorgeous. i've spent most of the week catching up on sewing.. mending rather than making, not as fun but satisfying when things are fixed :o) busy now making some cards.. loads of family birthdays at this time of year.. our clan must make good use of the springtime lol