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16 December 2009

On a roll

The hat for my Nan - going to have to send this quick otherwise I think it will be staying in my hat box ;-).

One of these.

Two of these.

Drawstring - one of these.

Three of these.
Out of the bags I got cut ready yesterday, I have four more that need handles. Then I have to make 7 more from scratch, and start on the two stockings.

Thanks so much for the lovely comments too, they really help.


sue said...

Wow! that hat grew quick :-)
i'd be tempted to keep that one as well! you've been busy xx

shell said...

It grew quick because of the 10mm needles that was needed for the chunky wool - much better than dk ;-)

arwen_tiw said...

LOL you certainly have been busy!

Shazronnie said...

That wool is really lovely.