'If we did the things we are capable of doing, we would literally astound ourselves.' Thomas Edison

27 December 2009

Finished or Forgot

Finished this Week
2 christmas cakes (the above one was a pressie) I make my own royal icing too as I can't stand the ready roll stuff.
The jam tarts, mince pies and butter tartlets.
The cranberry and orange relish.
Uncle billies toffee (Delia Smith's recipe), and it tastes just like dime bar!!
The Christmas dinner (3 courses) for 10 people.
Completely Forgot (or didn't get round to)
The cloak for JJ (was mortified when I realised, but I actually don't think he would've noticed).
The greenery for the front door.
The Christmas sack.
The finger puppets for the stockings.
I'm actually quite pleased with myself really, although when I forget/didn't get round to the things I wanted to get done, I was pretty disappointed. Thinking about it later on did help - when I think of the things I did achieve. I hope everyone else was pleased with the things they achieved. The blogs I follow (must update the list) are sooooooo inspiring, full of mum's who have to put the family first, yet still achieve a whole variety of things, just amazing.

Thank you Mamas.

PS The green man painting was done by the very talented Joxy. Thank you - it was loved hugely xxx


Joxy said...

Glad it was liked :-) And mmmm sounds like you accomplished a lot :)

Pippa said...

Thank you for listing the things that you didn't manage to do. It's not just me who suddenly remembers things that I was going to make for one of my family and totally lost the plot!! I think the things you make are lovely, I suppose none of us can think of everything and like you said, it's all done around our usual roles of mum/friend/partner etc, we should be pleased with what we HAVE done, not what we forget. Lovely post and wishing your family a very happy New Year if I don't get the chance again. xxx

ps - Joxy, that green man is brilliant!!