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17 August 2011


Blimey, how can so much change in the space of a week! The bank rang...they're not renewing the overdraft so can we please bring the account back in credit!! Today, the car f***ed up after we have sold the van (it goes Monday but is not insured now)!! Money from van already going to pay off bills/cc!! I'm fed up of having no cash, of not being able to afford things, or scrimping to buy food...I just want a holiday. I know I shouldn't winge as there are people far worse off than me but it's just never ending. On a brighter note....

...I still have a dilly child :o).

PS..don't forget to take a peak at my other blog. Oh, Pippa...you can put handmade things in the shoeboxes but NOTHING with stuffing in as it's a fire hazard!


The Barefoot Crofter said...

Oh dear - sending lots of hugs and wishes of abundance.
you can always pop up and use the van here for a week xx

Claire said...

Sorry things are suddenly looking so bleak. Hope some good news is just around the corner for you.

Btw, how long did you leave him in the tyres before helping him out? :)

Dawn said...

Sending lots of hugs too, hope things improve for you soon - it's hard when things all happen at once.
Can you negotiate with the bank?

take care xxx

charlotte said...

my thoughts are with you, why do these things happen at once? x x x

Big mamma frog said...

wrt the shoebox appeal, I found they had a few links to some items you can knit (if there are any keen knitters out there). web page is:


Thought I'd have a go at the teddy bear mitts. They look simple and I have heaps of cheap and not-terribly-interesting coloured dk acrylic wool in the loft which would be perfect for items like this.

I suppose if knitting maybe someone could make a sewn material version..?

Talie said...

Sorry you're having a pants time with money and wheels. It all seems to come at once doesn't it. xxx