'If we did the things we are capable of doing, we would literally astound ourselves.' Thomas Edison

08 August 2011

On a roll

So back to yesterday.....this was a top in a charity shop which didn't fit properly so I tried to alter it. Well, I still didn't like it so I turned it into a shoe bag instead :o).

Remember the jean off-cuts that I was turning into a throw? Well I finished that yesterday too :o). Here's the front.....

....and here's the back. Its a fabric panel that my Nathan (middle DS) picked in Ikea but he never decided what he wanted it making into. Well I decided for him ;o).

And here's the coasters too. Great things to make with oddments of wool. Hope everyone else is having a productive few days :o).


arwen_tiw said...

Very productive days for you!!

Lady Green said...

Awesome throw! I particularly like the top of A's head and his hands as an embellishment to your design ;) Well done: you've won the Most Productive Mama Award! xxx