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28 August 2011

The week

The van went to it's new owner.

My eldest asked me to.......

...cut his hair.

We had to have our eldest cat (the black and white one) put to sleep. That now leaves two. We also lost a chicken the next morning.

I bought more hand spun wool.

I prepped strawberries for jam.

I also had my first driving lesson, but ssshhhh, it's a secret.

Not sure all these ups and downs are good!


Dawn said...

Mixed week - hugs xxx

*whispers* good luck with the driving - something I need to do someday soon too xxx

Anonymous said...

So sorry about your cat :( And good luck with the driving!

Pippa said...

Looks like you've had a mixed up week. I'm sorry about your cat and the chicken too. :(

Very best of luck with the driving lessons - exciting stuff!! xxx

Joxy said...

A very mixed week. so sorry to read about your cat and the chicken hun.

And good luck with the driving.


Claire said...

Gosh, a very up and down week. (((hugs))) and I'm glad you are still able to see some good. Hope you have plenty more ups than downs this next week.


bears footprints said...

yes you have had a very mixed week, so sorry to hear about your cat , its not nice at all. your son was very brave though in having so much hair taken off in one go x take care x helen

Jenevieve said...

Sorry to hear about the cat and hen, thats not so good. Hope that next week has lots more ups for you! Good luck with the driving! :) x

Woolly Wanderer said...

The hair cut transformation is amazing. Sorry to read about the animals and your recent worries.

Well done for getting behind the wheel, hope you have a better week this week.

San x

Shazronnie said...

Sorry about the chicken and pusscat :(
I didn't pass my driving test until I was 30, after having my first lot of lessons aged 17!
(I failed 7 times - shhhh! - but I've now been driving 7 years without a problem!) I always thought I wasn't bothered when I couldn't drive but life is so much easier when you can.

The Barefoot Crofter said...

Best of luck with the driving - you will find it makes life a bit easier. Poor cat and hen, but I love your son's new look!
Love and hugs xxx