'If we did the things we are capable of doing, we would literally astound ourselves.' Thomas Edison

11 August 2011


My baby (well not really a baby as he's 4, but you get the idea) has gone out... to someone else's house to play....without his dad or myself...for the first time EVER! And he went with a female!! He really doesn't get females at all...usually doesn't speak to them even! I'm trying to keep busy as I didn't even know he was going as he went with his Grandad to my see my hubby at his lock-up for half an hour.

That was a couple of hours ago..........eek!


Dawn said...

Awww bless you! Sure he's having a fab time and will happily tell you all about it later xxx

charlotte said...

sit back and enjoy yourself, no, what I mean is keep busy doing something you like to keep your mind off small ones! Enjoy though!