'If we did the things we are capable of doing, we would literally astound ourselves.' Thomas Edison

07 August 2011


I seem to have found my housework mojo!!! which is a bit of a shocker as I don't like doing housework ;o). I've sorted out JJs bedroom and our bedroom (the elder two do their own rooms), which had turned into a storeroom for rubbish again. I even put some of the vast amount of ribbons on the empty ribbon holders I got in Boyes months and months ago.

I also seem to have my crafty mojo too. I've been sat finishing a commission piece for someone this morning, then JJ scraped his leg on the wall so we needed a distraction. He spotted one of Hubby's t-shirts on my material pile which he didn't like and I was going to turn it into a cushion or something. Well, JJ and I decided on some new pyjama bottoms instead so we did the Soulemama t-shirt-into-bottoms-thing which was sooooo easy and took less than an hour!

I also finished Hubby's bedside mat the night before last and I've done a few coasters too as they don't take long at all. Off to see what else I can do :o)


Jenevieve said...

Well done on all that housework, I should have done some today, but just haven't got round to it! The pyjama bottom's look great too, great use of an old t-shirt. :) x

Becks said...

Owen wanted me to tell you that the PJ's are cool!
Liking the crochet coaster idea too, although not so much liking the idea of having to tidy up the house frst lol.


charlotte said...

go girl! hope you are having agreat sense of achievement and smiling loads!!

Roof said...

Those jammie bottoms are fabby!
i bet he looks so cool in them xx