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04 August 2011

Free Food

Some of the wheat that was growing at the edge of a rape field that I brought back for the chickens.

Our own wheat that is growing in the grass as the lawnmower is still broke!

Tatties growing that I missed digging up last year - I know your not supposed to do that but what the heck, eh!

Food for the honey bees, then....

.....food for us (only free as my Nan gave me the raspberry canes).

A sunflower that has grown from fallen bird seed :o)

Nettles (see aforementioned lawnmower problem ;o) )

Poppies growing from seed we harvested last year then scattered a while ago. I'll harvest the seeds to spread on salad and put in my bread.

Chamomile :o)

Brambles growing in the chicken run.

Lavender from a neighbour who cut down most of their lavender bushes!!!

And some of the radishes left to run to seed - free food for next year :o).

Isn't it amazing what you can find in your garden when you have a little stroll :o)



The Barefoot Crofter said...

A very productive stroll Shell. xx

Becks said...

Well what a garden you have, slightly (ok extremely) envious here ;-)

PS loving the word verification- guiltyloo

Danigirl said...

great pictures and lots of lovely free food :-)