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12 August 2011

Fabulous few days

While doing my sorting out/tidying of the house I nipped some shoeboxes (for the shoebox appeal that have been stuck in the bottom of my wardrobe for years!!) to the lady in the village who runs the local shoebox group. While there we got chatting about knitting and she mentioned the knitter knatter group she goes to where they knit things for the shoeboxes...well, to cut a long story short, I went to the knitter knatter group (yes, there was more than 2) where I did some crocheting, plenty of chatting, had lunch bought for me, then went home 4 hours later....it was bliss. In fact so blissful that I couldn't be bothered to do much after that ;o).

So that was Wednesday. Yesterday we went to the library and charity shops where I found some books and the above glass bottle (2 in fact) which are now residing on my bathroom windowsill, and those gorgeous sheets. The plain yellow is actually a deeper colour than the photo shows. They are both brand new, although the flower one is the same as the vintage pink sheet I have...loads of fabric for £4.

And back to yesterday's post. JJ came home, happy as Larry with tales of the games him and his friend had played. Fantastic for a boy who has never really been away from us. :o)


Dawn said...

All sounds lovely ... happy days xxx

Danigirl said...

Love the fabric, and so glad JJ had a nice time, it's so strange when they start "playing out" :-) Hugs Clair x

Pippa said...

I'm glad JJ had a happy time away. I know what you mean, it just feels like something is missing when one of the children is away for the day! I had this recently when my two boys went camping at a friends, it just felt wrong until they were back home!!

I'm interested in the shoebox appeal that you are knitting for. That's one of the problems with the Samaritan's Purse shoebox appeal - they only want new and shop-bought toys which seems such a pity as home-made things are a) nicer and b) you know they haven't exploited anyone in any far-off country. Which organistaion is it that you are knitting for, I wonder if they have anyone collecting in my area too.

I love the glass bottle, what are you going to put in it? xxxxxxx