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13 November 2008

Christmas Stocking and advent calendar

Well, today I've done a bit more on the Christmas Stocking that I'm making for my nephew who is due in December. It's actually been a joint collaboration - the stocking is actually one my Mum had cut out ready to make. My sister has sewn the embellishments on the front and I'm sewing it all together. I've got most of it done now - just the hardest bit left as I've got to do it all by hand because the sewing machine is broken. I finished the back-stitch along the top of both pieces, then pinned the two pieces together and running stitched them ready to sew when I'm brave enough for the super thickness of it.

After I'd done that I thought I'd get the advent calendar as well. Oh, so fiddly. I had it out the bag for 10 mins then put it back again. Can't do that with a 2 year old trying to help.

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