'If we did the things we are capable of doing, we would literally astound ourselves.' Thomas Edison

11 November 2008


I was thinking about where I get my craftiness from the other day. I always remember my Mum knitting or sewing (she had a sewing pile in the corner of the room where she would put all the clothes that needed repairing). She used to knit jumpers and cardigans, and she also used to knit the scarecrows that Jean Greenhowe made. We all have our scarecrows still.

She made my wedding dress for me and the bouquet that I carried. Later on she discovered cardmaking and parchment work - she was fantastic at parchment work. Such wonderful, delicate pieces. Oh, and there was the cross-stitching that she did. She had her work framed and displayed in the house. She always used to say if she didn't spend her money on crafting bits she'd be rich :-). I think she was richer for spending the money on the crafts she enjoyed so much.

She also made fabric christmas stockings and advent calendars for the grandchildren. In fact, she was so good at the stockings she used to make them every year for other people who ordered them from her. Such special things, even more so now.

My Nan is also very crafty. She has bad arthritis in her hands so she can't knit, but she certainly makes up for it with her sewing. She makes the most gorgeous pictures that are sewn, quilted, crewelled, beaded. Absolutely amazing things. In the bedroom, I have a picture that she made for my Mum. Wonderful.

I have such love, respect and admiration for these 2 ladies - one who is watching from afar xx

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