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23 November 2008

Dog bed, quilts and season table swap

Our dog needs a new bed and our ds3 needs a quilt for his bed so I decided to cut up our winter quilt to make both. After I'd cut down the length about 2/3rds of the way across I ended up with a 3 ft quilt and a 2 ft long strip for the dog bed. I've already blanket stitched the dog bed back together where it was cut, and I've tied ribbons on the 2 ends so it can be folded in half and fastened up. I've just got to make a cover for this now. I'll stitch the quilt back together this evening (hopefully) and then it can go on his bed (not that he actually sleeps in it much) ;-)

My head was whirring too much last night so after I finished on here I decided to make a prototype for the season table swap. Half an hour later it was finished and I am very happy with it. Hopefully make the other one later or tomorrow and then I'll have time to make the proper ones ready for posting next weekend.

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