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21 November 2008

Heart aches and swells

I've made art-on-the-go bags for my nephew and 2 nieces (my brother's children) for Christmas presents, including the felt pencil rolls. I was really pleased with them until I mentioned what I had made to my sister. She just had one of those looks on her face that said she wasn't impressed - never actually said anything, but you know how they make you feel. Well today my brother, his girlfriend and 2 of the kids visited, and I mentioned what I'd made as we were discussing art things and Christmas presents. (I'm smiling as I type) They said that was a great idea, and that was like Mum used to do (she made things for the grandkids). My heart swelled. I'm so pleased that I've got something right and that I made it and I know in my heart that my Mum would have loved the idea too.

Speaking of Mum - yesterday I had such an ache as I wanted to go and spend an afternoon sewing/knitting with her. Will this pain never go away.

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nocton4 said...

oh Honey, I am sure your wonderful Mum will be feeling the same way ... an afternoon of sitting crafting with her daughter.
Remember the pull on the heart strings, the wave of love & emotion is a sure sign of your Mum watching over you, being right there with you.