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09 November 2008

Art-on-the-go bag and Holly Fairy

This is my felt pencil roll that I made to go in my art-on-the-go bag. I took the inspiration for this from the creative family by Amanda Blake Soule. I treat myself to some Lyra Super Furby pencils from Myriad to go in it.

And this is the aforementioned art-on-the-go bag. I made it out of some curtain liners and some fabric I got in our local scrapstore. Inside the bag is the pencil roll, an art book from Myriad, some Derwent watercolour pencils in a tin, a wooden ruler and pencil sharpener from Myriad, 2 mandala colouring books and a small watercolour pad bought in The Works in tow. I not a very good drawer but you have to give it a go don't you. I love to colour-in though, I find it very theraputic.

This is my latest sewing creation. It is from a kit I bought from Myriad (I think I need to buy some shares in this company :-) ). I sat and made this last night - quite fiddly and I wasn't sure whether I liked it as much as the Toadstool fairy, but I'm coming round to like it. I'll try and put a better picture on as this one is a little blurred.

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nocton4 said...

oh I just love that pencil roll and the bag and the holly fairy and .. and ...
all so beautiful