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11 November 2008

More cushions and bags!

This is the back of the next two cushions (they are the same). They were made by making an inside out pillow case (in that the inner bit of the pillow case is actually on the outside not the inside). I'm not very good at describing things am I?!?

Anyway, on the front of this one is a leaf. It is just a piece of chenille fabric that has been machine stitched on and then allowed to fray.

This is the one hubby designed (we have 2 campervans). They both sit on our sofa along with the other 3 cushions that I have posted about. The others were basically made like the bags which then had small button loops attached to the edge, and then nice big buttons sewn on the other edge so they fastened.

This is the shoulder bag I use. Firstly I got a piece of dark grey fabric and sewed on loads of buttons. I then made this bag out of a pair of linen trousers which I never used. To make the bag I cut one of the trouser legs off, turned it inside out and backstitched the bottom. I hemmed the top, then took the tie belt off the trousers and stitched it on the bag for the handle. I pinned the button piece in place then backstitched around them all, leaving the edge to fray.

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