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09 November 2008

Ordered More Wool

I love the freedom spirit wool so much I searched the internet last night, when I should have been going to bed, and found a few websites that stock it. I ordered some more of the green (or nature 514 as it is called) and some air 506 from oh sew simple. I thought they were very reasonably priced as well - £2.69 per 50g ball plus £1.30 p&p (for 4 balls). Lets hope they deliver quickly as I've started another hat (for me this time, so I've had to make it slightly bigger as I'm using this wool again).

Other projects I've got on the go are:-

  • Christmas stocking for my unborn nephew
  • Advent calendar for my unborn nephew
  • Dressing up cloak for one of my son's friends
  • Dressing up mask for another of my son's friends
  • Season table swap gift for a member of the Green Parent Forum

I'd also like to make my youngest some oven gloves to go with his Christmas present, and we shall be making some handmade cards (blank inside so they can be sent) as a Christmas present for my wonderful Nan. There will be loads of other things in the run up to Christmas as well, but I'll talk about them as we go.

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