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10 November 2008

Instructions for bag (hopefully)

Here's the basic instructions for making a bag. (I am hand-sewing at the minute as I need a new part for my sewing machine.) I took a rectangular piece of fabric and followed it in half so the bottom seam doesn't need sewing. (PICTURE 2) I then pinned the 2 sides and back-stitched them together (you should now have a basic bag). Next I folded down the top of the bag twice, about 1cm each, so that the top of the bag in hemmed, then pinned and back-stitched this.

For the handles I cut the fabric 4 times wider than needed. I fold and stitch the short ends to hem them. Then I fold the top of the long edge into the centre of the fabric and then the same for the bottom, so that both long edges are just touching each other in the middle. Then I fold this in half again so that the middle of the fabric ends up being an outside edge, and pin. (PICTURE 2 & 1 ). I actually over sew the edge of my handles but you could use back-stitch.

Now I find the centre of the bag and measure the spacing for the handles so that they are even. I pin the handles on and then sew them in place.

Apologies if these instructions are not very clear. It's not until you start writing something down for someone else that you realise what is involved.

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