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25 April 2009

All sorts today

I've been making some brooch/keyring holders and sorting out my bits that I've made - adding labels, stickers and price tags. Quite pleased with them. I ordered some stickers from Moo a couple of weeks back which arrived a few days later. I didn't show you them because I wasn't overly happy with them (not the fault of Moo) - I have stuck them onto the card for now though.

This is a crochet cuff bracelet that I made. I've left this one plain but I may do some more with beads and sequins. I've also had some more ideas for tin covers so you may see some more of those in the next few days.

Lastly is the extra wool that I ordered from Getknitted. It is absolutely gorgeous. I have ordered the ivory as well so hopefully that will be here next week. Going to have to be really careful from now on with my spends as money is very tight - drop in wages while everything else goes up!! Hopefully I'll managed to sell some bits.


Becks said...

Oh I'm so impatient. My wool order still hasn't arrived :-(
Love the cuffs. And the idea for the crochet blanket. Thanks.

shell said...

Oh Becks, I can't believe your order hasn't arrived yet. Harrass them ;-)