'If we did the things we are capable of doing, we would literally astound ourselves.' Thomas Edison

19 April 2009


Me, being the impatient person that I am, stitched the granny squares together yesterday without blocking them. I'm still pleased with them, but I'm now berating myself for being so impatient. I put together the 4 remaining ones (there was 5 left but one has mysteriously wandered off) and then crocheted an edge with the remaining bit of wool.

While sat with poorly babe this evening I've been using the only crochet book (hooked on crochet by Candi Jensen) I have to actually learn new stitches. This is an American book so not sure what the English names would be. The above is triple crochet (tc) - didn't really like this one.

This one is double crochet (dc)- I like this one as it looks very neat.

This one is single crochet (sc), again very neat.

And lastly, we have half double crochet (hdc). This is what I have done on the granny squares without actually realising it. Explains why they are small ;-). Anyway, off to do some more as I'm finding it very addictive and theraputic.


Becks said...

Those colours are beautiful. And I would have been impatient too. Never been one to block, or pin, or do a tension square, much to my later disappointment at times.
I'm loving triple crochet, its so quick, although I agree the double crochet looks so much neater. Crochet seems to be gaining it's converts at last!

Joxy said...

Very nice indeed. The blanket can still be blocked, although it will probably need pinning now too.

Loving the colours.


nocton4 said...

wow, you clever thing xxx