'If we did the things we are capable of doing, we would literally astound ourselves.' Thomas Edison

16 April 2009

Surprising myself

It's amazing the lack of confidence we have in our own abilities isn't it - I'm sure it's not just me. Well, I've surprised myself again by re-teaching myself how to crochet granny squares. My Mum taught me when I was in my teens, and thinking back it's probably 18 years since I last did any. She used to start me off and then pass it to me when there was 3 rounds - then I would just go round and round so it was a big square. Well, inspired by Claire, Becky, Joxy and Lucy, I got my hook out again on Tuesday. I've attempted this a couple of times already over the last few months but never mastered it - well, Tuesday was the night and I made 5 little squares using the bamboo wool that I got a few weeks ago. Amazing - I was so thrilled - my hubby knows I'm bonkers already but on Tuesday he was rolling his eyes ;-). Yesterday I sat and made another 22 and then this afternoon and this evening I've done another 3 (to finish the balls of wool) and then weaved all the ends in. Since this is my first go I'm going to do the blocking as well - might as well start as I mean to go on :-).


Joxy said...

blimey tis a lot of squares :) What you goin to do with them? Blanket, cushion, rug, jacket ?

Becks said...

They are so cute.
Why can't I do them? I just get tizzled!

Michelle said...

They are fantastic. Whenever I've tried to crochet things like that, they always ended up bending into a hat shape.