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05 April 2009

Another keyring

Made this this morning while watching the grand prix. Enjoyed doing it as I like working with felt.

While I was making lunch a friend nipped in with 2 huge bags of wool. Her hubbies Nanna had died and they were sorting out her wool room. My wonderful friend mentioned I knit, so they sorted some out for me. Wonderful. Going to be spending the evening sorting through it all.


Claire said...

No comment you wool horder!

Pippa said...

Wow, what a fabulous stash of wool!!! It'll be great to have a root through it all and see what there is!!

Becks said...

Loving the increased wool stash, you lucky woman.

shell said...

I have definitely been spoilt where my wool stash is concerned - I've hardly bought any new, yet I have 2 large boxes full.