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03 April 2009

Been busy

Been busy today. I've made the pink knitted monster for my niece, made a tiny knitted chick and I've nearly finished a knitted duck. The chick and duck are from The Children's Year. Quick to do and quite effective. The chick is so small that he won't photograph properly (he has actually got blue eyes) - I'll show you the duck tomorrow as he is only half stuffed.

I also bought some more fabric off Ebay (no comments please Claire ;-) ). They arrived this morning. More green paisley by Vera Bradley, some green polka dot and a gorgeous pink fairies and dandelions.


Becks said...

Oh that fabric is lovely, especially the pink, and I think you know my thoughts on pink in general ;-)

shell said...

I'm the same with regards pink, but the fabric is just gorgeous.