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22 April 2009

Wool, hooks, lips

Yesterday I managed to make the lip balm for my sister and niece, only to forget to take a photo of it before I gave it to them. Never mind - got to make another one now as well, so I'll try and remember to get a piccie - they look so cute in the little 15ml jars.
While playing with the crocheting the other evening I inadvertedly managed to make part of my summer season swap ;-). I was so pleased, and suprised, but you'll just have to wait and see the piccie when we actually do the swap (not like me to be this organised).
Right, now to the really exciting stuff. The very naughty Becks posted a link on the GP forum to a sale over at getknitted.com - they had Mirasol T'ira for £2.00 a ball instead of £3.50. So off I went for a browse - and ended up ordering 8 balls. The above pictures show the wool - I am going to make a blanket for our bed. It is sooooooooo soft and gorgeous to work with. I've ordered 8 more balls today and I'm going to look for some ivory as well so I can have the odd different coloured square on the blanket. I've got 19 squares done already - they don't take long as they are only 3 rounds each. I've got some rather numb fingers though :-). Right - off to see if I can get some ivory.


Becks said...

Ok I'm going to sulk now!!!
I had an e-mail to say that they had none of my order in stock! How annoying is that. I have been anticipating the postman all last week too. Unless it is a sly attempt by DH to stop me adding to my rather out of control stash. Haha, he doesn't know I found a load (400g) of Sirdar pure wool in cream at the charity shop this morning hehehe.
Look forward to seeing your blanket Shell and hope you manage to get some more of your wool.

shell said...

I originally had 3 different colours but they emailed to say 2 of them weren't available anymore, so I went for all green. Hope you get yours sorted out. xxx