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12 April 2009

I love these

Yesterday I spent 3 hours untangling and winding 4 balls of the wool that still adorns the rug in our lounge. In the evening I wanted to do something different so I got that pink dandelion/fairy material out and started these. A bit of wadding on the back, then highlighted areas using metallic threads and beads. I then stitched this onto some matching felt. I made one last night and two this afternoon while sat with poorly toddler. Then I added them onto card using double sided sticky tape and brads. Happy birthday Stamp, inner sheets and envelopes finished them off. Hopefully I'll do some more later as I'm really enjoying these and they look fab (much better in the flesh, so to speak). These will definitely be in the shops later on.
My sister has asked me to make some lipsalve for her and my niece so I'm going to try and get that done once I've found some small jars.

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Pippa said...

They're so pretty, I'd love to get a card like that on my birthday!!