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09 April 2009

Felt and buttons and bits

I made the green keyring last night - I just love all those buttons. It should go in the Misi/Etsy shops - think I'll have to do it straight after I've finished here otherwise it will end up on my keys.
Anyway, before hubby went to work he asked me to make him a felt bag/case for his phone. He wants an iron cross on the front and a drawstring top. I've made the bag part but I'm going to get him to draw me the iron cross bit as I'd hate to get it wrong (he's very big into old VWs and this is one of the prominent symbols) so I'll hopefully show you that tomorrow.
This evening I've also made the CND symbol keyring (after checking whether it is copyrighted) and I've started another button thing - not sure whether this one will be a brooch or a keyring. I'lll definitely be making the CND bit into brooches as well as I'm really pleased with how the first one turned out. I'm going to do different colours as well as I didn't just want to do the black/white one.

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