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29 April 2009

Negatives and positives

Thank you all for your comments, they are greatly appreciated. Now I need to look at positives as there are far too many negatives going on at the minute so you'll have to forgive my next indulgence.

My ivory mirasol t'ika arrived this morning. It looks like the colour of a wash cloth when it's on its own but when put with the green it looks gorgeous. I've got 7 squares done with is so far.
Now I know I said I wasn't ordering any more bits but I went to make some of the things that had popped into my head the other day, only to find that I didn't have any of the felt that I needed - I hadn't realised that I'd used so much of my stash. Anyway, I went on Altered Element and placed an order. The service there is fantastic - I ordered 2 days ago and it arrived at 10 this morning.

Jute ribbons.


Buttons (of course).

And the much needed felt - woohoooooo. Right, off to keep my hands busy and try and stop my mind from whirring.

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