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21 May 2009

Back again

I've been helping my MIL this afternoon sorting through her Mum's house. I came away with a few things including a velvet jacket that I will use the fabric on because it wasn't suitable for the charity shop; a large, deep-sided tray that I am going to use as a work tray on my knee; and a knitting bag full of wool and knitting needles. Fantastic.

Did anyone watch Kirsty's Handmade Home on channel 4? I watched it and thought it was fantastic. It gave me more confidence to use second-hand/handmade in my home. I love charity shops and car boot sales anyway, but seeing it on TV made such a change from the normal house programmes that you get. Anyway, I'd definitely recommend watching it if you have access to the repeats/on-demand telly. With this in mind I'm going to add a handmade showcase to my blog to show you some of the lovely, talented people that I use to purchase things.


Dawn said...

I watched most of Kirsty's homemade show - great for showing all the different crafts, although I ws little disappointed that she didn't make many of the things herself but a great showcase for others.

I'm in touch with the lady who taught her wool spinning as I've just got my spinning wheel and am probably going to have a "lesson day" with her sometime soon.

Pippa said...

I keep missing this programme, I saw the trailer for it and said to DH "We should watch that!" and that was that!! It did look very good though, must make more effort this week!