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15 May 2009

Late night

I couldn't stay away any longer so I wound my skein into a ball and promised myself I must use the whole lot (1 ball makes 11 small squares) before I go back to the things I'm supposed to be doing. Once that was done I did a bit more on the bag - just waiting for the orange to arrive now.
Here's the WIP.
I then, with the help of JJ (our youngest), made the front of hubby's anniversary card. Just got to put the centre sheet inside now. I'll do that in the morning when he is out.

As I couldn't do anymore on the bag I thought I'd make myself the green brooch that I've been meaning to make for ages. I finished it at 12.15am - should've been in bed but I was determined to get it finished. I love green.

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Joxy said...

Ohhh lovely photos honey!