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31 May 2009

Car boot discoveries

Went to our first car boot of the year this morning - yay. I love car boot sales. Got loads of bargains for the house and boys, but the best discovery/buy, by far, was a local beekeeper selling some beeswax. Fantastic. I now have his address so I can get more when needed - and it's only 10 miles up the road.

Thought I'd best make something for the kids before I start on the next lot of orders I've got to do. Although they use empty tins for the felt tip pens and pencil crayons, I've never actually covered them (shame on me), so tonight I managed to make these 2 - one for the broad tips and one for the narow tips. Just got to do the pencil crayons and then the brushes.

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Pippa said...

Very good carboot finds!! We've just come back from our local car boot sale, the boys have lots of little plastic warriors, but that's about all!!