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27 May 2009

Busy, busy

I've been really busy these last few days. I've made a horse keyring for Claire (piccies after she's recieved it), I've been doing the pink bag, I've made strawberry jam this morning, and I've been round the charity shops again. I only found a couple of balls of wool (plus other bits for the kids) and then I got some jute string for crafting.
The house smelt lovely this morning while I was doing the strawberry jam - I think more people would make it if they knew how easy it was. We love strawberry jam in this house, so this will be the first of many batches to last us the year.
I ordered a few books from Amazon, which arrived this morning. they are full of gorgeous things. The long awaited (or it seems like that anyway) fabric arrived today too. Now I can finish the garden bag as the fabric with the cockerel on it was there too. Depending on how the day goes there may be a picture of that later.

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