'If we did the things we are capable of doing, we would literally astound ourselves.' Thomas Edison

14 May 2009


.........I've finally finished sorting through and untangling all the wool that was given to me way back here. I actually thought it was in March so that's not bad is it - 6 weeks to remove it from my lounge floor :-). While I was in the sorting mood I also went through the very large scrap bag that I keep for the kids to use as they had got way beyond use even for their imaginative minds. We are now left with a small bag of useable fabric - mainly denim from old jeans - that they can do something with.

Anyway, I've nearly finished the outside of the scarecrow bag - had to order some orange fabric for some pumpkins - so I may just have to do some hooking later. I am missing it. I should really start the liners for the bags, but one evening off from them is ok isn't it?

I've also got to make hubbies anniversary card later as he is out of the house this evening at work, so the perfect opportunity.

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