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01 May 2009

Mmmmm.....Free Food Friday

Took my rubber gloves and a big bag with me when I walked the dog this morning. Nettle beer is on the go.

I had the Free Food Friday (great idea Claire) bug after that, so I got my River Cottage Preserves book out and had a look through. I was actually looking for a nettle syrup recipe but came up with the above instead. It's going to be a mint cordial/syrup when it's finished. There was no nettle syrup recipe, so if anyone has one :-).

And lastly, some more pickled eggs with chilli. Thanks to Claire we're off hunting wild garlic tomorrow - her blog has made my mouth water.


Dawn said...

Here's a link to a nettle syup recipe -
Some other good foraging recipes on there too.
Would love to have a go at the nettle beer sometime.
Free food Friday - great idea, although not sure I could do something every Friday, but have
just started some dandelion syrup today after reading about it recently. Posted on my blog

shell said...

Thanks for that Dawn, I'll go and have a look at that. That dandelion syrup looks great too.

Jacqui said...

I've just got the RC preserves book too - it's great - I'mm going to try the rhubarb ketchup next week. I have a nettle and blackcurrant cordial on the blog - it is gorgeous - and nettle wine too. xx

shell said...

I love this book too, Jacqui. I really love the look of the nettle and blackcurrant cordial but I have no blackcurrant bushes :-(. Next year hopefully.