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29 May 2009

Can't stay away today ;-)

From the postie today was a parcel from the very talented Gill from GP forum containing handspun alpacca wool. It is soooooo soft and the most gorgeous colour. Wool shawn and spun from within 45 miles of me is just fantastic. Thanks so much - just got to decide what to knit with it now.

This delight is going to be my tatty scrubber. I save all the net bags that I get from fruit, then put them inside the largest bag and then I just stitch the end up. Lasts years and saves them going to landfill.


Pippa said...

That wool looks lovely and soft and I think the spud-scrubber is excellent, I bet it would be good for scrubbing mould off a shower too!! (hypothetical mouldy shower of course, ahem!)

shell said...

Must try that on my non-mouldy shower too ;-)