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22 February 2009

Catching up...

I got an offer through with one of my other magazine's to subscribe to a craft magazine: 3 issues for £1 - how could I resist? The first issue arrived yesterday. I like some of the things in there but I was especially taken with the supplement on Alan Dart. These gnomes are just fabulous, I'll have to see if I can track down a pattern.
The other thing to arrive in the post yesterday was my photo book. After I'd ordered some photos I got a voucher for a free photobook. As I'd not even heard of these before I just did it on the photos from my blog because I didn't know what the quality was like. I'm very impressed - you can add text and put the photo's where you want, add different backgrounds, styles and edges. Now the kids can do some with their photos, and we can make project/themed books.

Last night I made 3 more brooches - 2 flowers and a leaf. I had to do another white one for the shops as my sister took the other one.


Anonymous said...

Just received my SK and love the Wedding cake, but already married so noeed to wait for a friend or relative to be able to knit it. The gnomes pattern is very goog and easy to follow ... sells for a lot on ebay but you can purchase it on Alan Darts website I think.

(GP mama who likes to look at your blog)

shell said...

Thank you anonymous GP mama ;-) xx