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01 February 2009

The days not gone to plan

I did all my jobs this morning so I could sit and do something crafty this afternoon but then we got visitors. This morning I managed to wrap the horse and finish the card my friend's daughter's birthday and I re-homed my buttons while we were sat playing with them. These are the old yankee candle jars from the candles I re-melted for my dad. The left one has the old glass/mother-of-pearl/metal buttons and the right one has the plastic modern ones. The kids have their own shoe box which is half-full of all sorts of buttons. Great for playing with - usually find them really cheap in charity shops.
I've just posted the beer instructions. Ds3 is actually asleep early so I should get some crafting done now. Oh, I did make another mouse yesterday in blue! I asked Ds3 what colour he would like, you know brown or black like real mice, but no, he wanted a blue one ;-).

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