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24 February 2009

Smiles through the post

The GP forum LETS scheme offers plenty of guilt free spending as well as a chance to earn credits. Here's one of my 'purchases' from the lovely Sarah - some chinese brocade fabric.

These other items were included in the parcel - thank you so much, your too kind.

Here's another one of my 'purchases' (how nice that they all arrive on the same day) - a gorgeous daffodil child made from felt. She is sooo beautiful - thank you SF.

And lastly, I needed some more brooch pins so I ordered some from paper-and-string again - the service there is fantastic. Added a couple more items to make the parcel worthwhile you understand.


Michelle said...

I shouldn't read your blog. I've just taken a look at paper and string and made an order. You are just a bad influence lol

shell said...

hehehe.....it's a gorgeous site isn't it? We need to craft though don't we - think it's inbuilt in some of us.

Michelle said...

I could spend a fortune on it, thankfully I restrained myself and got a few bits which I'm hoping to make into a notebook cover. Sewing not one of my strong points so we'll see how it goes.

I love crafting, I had ages when I wasn't doing anything at all and since I discovered knitting toys, all I seem to be doing is knitting. I'm sure DH thinks I'm going mad.

Jacqui said...

Haha I completely understand about making parcels worthwhile Shell. Great to see your wee shop too. xxx