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05 February 2009

Supplies and more handwarmers

Ds1 had asked for some crafty bits from Myriad so I happily obliged ;-). I also added a couple of extra things for us. I've got some felting wool so we can make pictures and/or balls. I also got some wooden dolls with bendy arms and legs which seem to have wandered off somewhere, some wooden balls for threading/doll making, some stockinette and some mohair dolls hair for making dolls with. I only ordered these on Tuesday - given the state of the transport system at the moment - I am extremely chuffed that they arrived today. The service is always fantastic at Myriad.

This evening I sat and finished the handwarmers I've been knitting and then I sat and wrapped some red wool around the wooden frame for the Valentine mobile. I tucked the ends under at the start then wrapped the wool over the top, then when I got to the last one I threaded it through a needle and slipped in under the wool I'd just wrapped. This way I can just unravel it after Valentines day and re-use the wool without having to cut it.

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