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09 February 2009

I've actually made a hat for myself...and it fits!

I think this is the fourth hat that I've knitted for myself but this is the only one that fits...wooohoooo. I've knitted it with the Twilleys freedom wool that I got a few weeks ago. It's lovely and chunky - I had to knit the hat with 10mm needles but this meant that it didn't take long to knit at all. I think I might make a felt flower brooch to pin on the side of it.

I tried finding some red glitter today but as it's not christmas the shops don't stock it - aargh. Someone on the GP forum suggested adding it to the heart shaped bath melts for Valentines day. We did manage to find some mini heart-shaped confetti shapes so we might give that a go. We also got some more air drying clay from ELC to make some heart-shaped t-lite holders with.

I'll hopefully also get the walnut shell candles done tomorrow as I got some tabbed wicks off ebay.

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