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02 February 2009

Something for Valentine's Day

I made a felt heart last night ready for hubby for Valentine's Day, but decided that I would make one for each of us, so this evening I've sat and made another big one and three smaller ones then fastened them onto an embroidery hoop to make a mobile. I adapted the idea from the lovely Lucie - hope you don't mind x.


Laura said...

That looks really lovely. I'm tempted to try it myself as Valentine's day is DH's birthday!
Where do you get the wood hoops from?

shell said...

Thanks Laura. The hoops are normal embroidery hoops - I think I got my in our local Boyes.

Anonymous said...

Love the hearts. Local Boyes you say. Does that mean you are up my neck of the woods? I used to work in a Boyes many years ago!

shell said...

I'm in North East Lincs - not sure how far away that is from you