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14 February 2009

Happy Valentine's Day

Happy Valentine's Day everyone.
Me and the hubby decided that we would just get each cards this year, then at the end of the month we would try and have a day out together - with no children. Anyway, I'd made his card then last night I made hearts with a personal note on it for each of the men in the house. I then placed one of the bath melts in a tiny envelope, punched a hole through the heart and the envelope, threaded red wool through and then hung them on their bedroom doors waiting for morning. When hubby got in from work last night he informed me he'd not made/bought a card but would be spending the morning in the garage making me something. Now I know that these sorts of occasions just pop onto the calendar to surprise everyone, but aaaaaaarrrrgh. I get really upset when he doesn't make the effort - it's not like I ask for alot, I don't want roses or chocolates or champagne, just a hand-made card would be perfect. After nearly 20 years together you would think that he'd have learnt by now. I try not to let it bother me but I can't help it. I think I get so upset because my dad never made any effort with my Mum (for birthdays or christmas, let alone wedding anniversaries or Valentines Day) Anyway, sorry for ranting - after me being rather grumpy this morning he took the dog then disappeared into the garage. He came out an hour later with an apology and this........

.......... a beautiful wooden heart made by his own two hands. It's wonderful, so warm and smooth, perfect for stroking. Thank you so much - and sorry for being a grump.

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