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20 February 2009


My sister and I have been trying to sort out the last few craft bits of my Mum's. It's so difficult though. We've got the more difficult bits left, that we were going to leave at my house for us all to use when we needed, but it now seems that the other 2 want to sell them and then give the profits to the kids (my Mum's grandkids). After my sister left yesterday my mood dropped - I didn't realize why until I got into bed last night and had a sudden flash of inspiration. As I don't really want to sell all the items I could buy the bits I want from them, sell the other bits that we don't want and then still divide the cash with the other grandkids (my own kids will use the craft items with me). I've put the idea out there but am still waiting for a response.........

My sister thinks I'm clinging on to my Mum's things (maybe I am a little) and that Mum would want the grandkids to have the money but I think that she would have been much happier if the grandkids were using the craft items that she loved so much.


Claire said...

It's ok to cling to things anyway hon, but like you say, you will sooooo use every last little bit with your children. I agree totally with you - your mum would probably be chuffed to bits with you using all of her treasure box. Hope you get to keep it! xxx

Joxy said...

Yes, I rather think your mum would have preferred the kids were actually learning crafts and used the bits she loved so much.

Money is meaningless and feelingless, whereas making something that belonged to a beloved parent... now that is meaning.