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07 February 2009

Knitting scarfs and gnomes

Yesterday I sat and made one part of my GP Spring season table swap (piccie at the end of March) and then I started the luminous scarf which has been on my to-do list for ages. I kept putting it off because the wool is not nice to knit with (100% acrylic) and the colour is yellow! Anyway I then read Becks's blog about her knitting a scarf where she'd used two balls of wool together with bigger needles - fantastic. So now I've nearly finished it, and I'm trying to use all the wool so I don't have to knit Ds2 anything else with it :-).

I managed to get hold of another cork today so I knitted a yellow gnome. This is the first time I've knitted with 2 different colours as well. I've actually put a wanted post on the GP forum for corks, so they'll be breeding soon ;-).


Becks said...

HAHA, just read this Shell.
Great cheat isn't it? And so with you on the yucky feel of acrylic wool, pity the children see only the colour!
Love the hat!


Becks said...

Ooops, just realised, the hat is the entry after this one! But still loving it!

shell said...

The most annoying thing is that he will hardly wear it! He doesn't ask me to make him much so I couldn't say no could I?!