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29 December 2010

And breathe....

Thank you all so much for the comments on my previous post. The 27th was definitely the low point of christmas, but after playing with the kids and sitting on my butt an awful lot the past few days, I feel refreshed, renewed and ready for action! And Big mamma frog - I am definitely the weirdo/nutter in the family whether I handmake things or not ;o), I think the problem for me is that people just don't take a few minutes to think about who they are buying for, or what they are buying, so it just saddens me to think of the waste when just a small thought beforehand would have made such a difference. Don't know whether that makes any sense to anyone else but I hope you understand what I mean :o). Anyway, back to the last few days. Above is a couple more headbands with flowers. Really enjoying crochet at the minute as it's quick and can be put down to do something else without losing where you are.

This is a choker that I started late last night then decided after midnight that I really must go to bed. Will finish it later.

I'd done a few stars before christmas so I sat and made this the other evening too. The string inbetween the stars is too long to I think I'll have to change it.

I quite fancy a go at making a rag rug, or at least using the rag rug technique on something else - got loads of ideas whirling round my head at the minute!! I think I'm also going to make some of the felt moustaches for the shop too - they went down very well in this house, so maybe good for party bags.

My sister buys those stinky candles :0( which left loads of wax in the bottom of the jar, so I've re-melted it all and added some beeswax for her. It's in my new laundry room cooling as I can't stand the smell, just so artificial.

And to try and counter-act the other smell, I've made some beeswax hearts. These smell soooo good. I'm going to try and melt a hole in so I can hang them up with some ribbon.
Thank you again for your lovely thoughts, comments and care. I've just added a beautiful video from my favourite album of the year, so take a look if you can.


Joxy said...

Oooh lovely makes there!

And yes I so get what you mean about taking a few moments to think about the gift rather than buying any old thing. :-)

Hmmm love the hearts too. I have some beeswax grains left I thinks something like this would be really nice too :-)

Becks said...

Good to see you feeling happier.
Lovely makes as always.

windingcirclelifeschool said...

Glad to hear your feeling a little brighter today.I know the exhaustion thing well.It takes ages to get over it and come back to normal energy at times.

I really LOVE the stars, are they like granny squares with 5 sides instead of 4?The look really effective!

Louise said...

I really love your crochet items, so pretty.